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Route Date Miles Bike Buddies Notes
Around town 17 Soma Saga

Out Circle to Harrison to Bald Hill. Very nice morning 

Imagine 20 Soma Saga Tuesday group

Nice day after a cool cloudy day yesterday. 

Town and garden 12 Soma Saga

I was planning to do the Sunday Lunch Ride but had a flat and missed it. 

Hiatt Bakery 32 Ravn Some tenners

Glad some of the Tenners wanted to do a shorter ride. Warmed up nicely. 
Im progressing nicely. 

Philomath 20 Soma Saga

Solo ride. Very slow. Rained yesterday. Windy today. 

Imagine 18 Soma Saga Tuesday group

Back with the Tuesday group post crash. 

Garden and co-op 8 Soma Saga

First ride 6 weeks post crash. 

Forks to Big Tree Road 32 Ravn LT1 Riders

Started out great. Ended with a broken clavicle. 

PA to Forks 65 Ravn LT1 Riders

This was the day we’ve been waiting for. Olympic Discovery Trail at its finest. Perfect day. 

PT to PA 65 Ravn

Gorgeous route on the Olympic Discovery Trail. Cool morning, sunny afternoon. 

Kitsap to Port Townsend SP 28 Ravn

Easier day, and I needed it. Cooler but the sun came out at camp. 
Traffic lightened up after the bridge. 

Shelton to Kitsap Memorial SP 63 Ravn

Really hard day. Over 3000’ of climbing with a lot over 10%. Perfect weather. Very scenic.  A lot of traffic.


Monsanto to Shelton 40 Ravn

Cool morning, warm afternoon. Rode mostly with Rick, Camdis, Joe, and Dan U

Felt great to be riding light. 

Town 11 Soma Saga

Unaccounted miles 

Kings Valley 50 Ravn Tenners

Grando is out of commission. Rear rim has a crack. Took the Ravn out to see if I want to ride it on Loop Tour. Very slow on the climbs but otherwise went well. 
warm, getting hot. Nice tail wind coming home. 

Around town 20 Ravn

Set up the bike for loop tour. Rides well but still sluggish compared to the Grando. 
Got some Keen sandals for LT. I may be done with SPD for good. 

Philomath 30 Soma Saga Tuesday group

Lovely day for a ride after. A stop at Imagine 

Town 10 Ravn

Ran some errands on the Ravn to see how the tires were doing. Just fine. 

Lebanon 60 Grando Tenners

Nice day. Still not too hot. 

Rogue River Greenway 19 Ravn Linda

Valley of the Rogue Park to Rogue River, then most of the way to Gold Hill. 

Elkins Road 62 Grando Tenners

Wore myself out trying to hang with the group. Extra miles at the end. Got windy. 

McKay Road 15 Ravn Nelson

Up and down through Ochoco national forest. 

Around Sutton Mountain 28 Ravn Nelson

Fantastic ride from Mitchell to Priest Hole. The descent through Girds Creek canyon was spectacular. 

Painted Hills 22 Ravn Nelson

Priest Hole to Mitchell   Very nice. 

Round Lake - Metolius Preserve 30 Ravn CSGC 23

I did not make it up to Round Lake. 2/3 up then back down to ride single track in the preserve. 

Green Ridge 20 Ravn CSGC 23

Hard ride. Harder drive. Great views. 

Metolius River 15 Ravn Nelson, Rick, Dan

Out and back to the lemonade stand. Rocky road. 

Garden 15 Soma Saga

A couple of trips to the garden and around. 

Sauerkraut 21 Ravn Gravel riders

Nice day. Strong north wind but it was at our backs more than in our face. 

Imagine 20 Grando Melo Velos

I led the first Melo Velo ride of the summer. Nice day 

Garden 16 Soma Saga

Several trips to garden and around. 

Imagine 24 Grando Tuesday group

Cold morning. Took awhile to warm up.

Home from Bellfountain Park 30 Ravn

Got a ride with Nelson to the start, but I couldn't keep up so decided to ride home instead.

Home from Bellfountain Park 30 Ravn

Bailed on the Sunday gravel ride and rode home through Finley on Bruce Road. Then 99w into a headwind.

Albany 40 Grando Tenners

Perfect day in May. A little windy at the end. Extra climbing on Scenic

Eagle Creek to Viento Trailhead 35 Grando Jeff

Fabulous ride. Sunny and cool to start but warmed up right away. Big climb on Wyeth road. Then newer bike trail and three waterfalls. 
Road closed after Starvation Creek but we kept going. Some older pavement but then brand new trail started at Viento Park 

Eagle Creek to Bridal Vail Falls 32 Grando

Started out cool and cloudy but the sun came out and it warmed up nicely. 

Eagle Creek to Cascade Locks and beyond 15 Grando Larry and Gwen

Gorge Campout day 1. Back to normal cool spring. 

Midge Cramer Ride 37 Grando Tenners plus

Gorgeous day marred by a crash. Rann and Doreen had a front blowout on the Tandem and went down hard at high speed. 

Town and event 16 Soma Saga

Active transportation event at OSU