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Route Date Miles Bike Buddies Notes
Philomath 20 Soma Saga

Missed 2 rides due to cold and rain. No rain today. Waited until it hit 40 before I started. 

Oak Creek 22 Ravn

Up Oak Creek to the McCullach peak turn off. Then back down and through Bald Hill park. Some sunshine. 

Bike Indy 26 Grando Nelson, Rick, and others

Did the gravel route which was all mud. Rain on and off. 

Peoria Road 30 Grando Rick

Then Tangent Oakville Church Green Valley Lindsay McLagen Tangent Peoria. 
Warmer and no rain. 

Imagine 20 Soma Saga Tuesday group

Managed to avoid the rain. 

Imagine 20 Soma Saga Tuesday group

After a couple of foggy mornings the sun peaked through. Extra loop around town for the miles. 

Airport Road 28 Grando

Reverse of the loop I did Monday. Rolled over 5,000 miles for the year on this ride. 

Imagine 18 Soma Saga Tuesday group


Airport road 31 Grando

A bit warmer and not raining. 

DeArmond Road 34 Ravn

Cold and sunny. Headwind going out. 

Imagine 24 Soma Saga Tuesday group

Cold fog but no rain. 

Hiatt Bakery 32 Grando Tenners


Ankeny Vineyard 35 Grando Tenners

Started at Luckimute landing. Did a loop around the refuge and over Ankeny Hill. Back through Independence. 

Philomath 20 Grando Tenners

Cold fog. Went to Timber Towne but everything was closed due to power outage. Back to town and Wild Yeast Bakery. By then the sun was out. 

Imagine 24 Soma Saga Tuesday group

Got rained on coming back. 

Kendal Loop 35 Grando Tenners

Sunny and cold. The group was going to Shedd but three of us did a gravel loop instead. 

Imagine 20 Ravn Tuesday group

No fog! Sunny and cold, but warmed up to 50. 

Berry Creek Road 40 Grando Tenners

Started on the Pedee Pie Day ride but had a flat and some complications. Cold dry day. Still nice colors. 

Philomath 26 Ravn Tuesday group

Two days of hard rain but today was nice. Back to Timber Towne, same as Saturday. 

Philomath 22 Grando Tenners

Short Tenners ride due to impending rain. 

Baskett Slough Loop 27 Ravn Gravel riders

Good turnout on a gray day. Great route. 

Hiatt Bakery 33 Grando Tenners

Halloween ride. Reverse of what I did Thursday. Nice day. 

Philomath 33 Grando

Then out to Llewelyn. Nice day. 

Imagine 20 Soma Saga Tuesday group

It didn’t rain!

Alsea Falls Gravel Loop 24 Ravn Gravel riders

Cool clear morning. Clouded over but no rain. One of my favorite routes. 

Albany 45 Grando Tenners

First cold cloudy windy day, but the rain held off. 

Wakanda beach road 11 Soma Saga

From Bayshore. Fog lifted, it got sunny and warm, fog came back in. 

Harris Beach to Jedediah Smith SP 30 Soma Saga

That’s it. I reached the redwoods. I get a ride home tomorrow. 

Humbug to Harris Beach 51 Soma Saga

Fog, hills, and headwinds 

Bullards Beach to Humbug Mountain 41 Soma Saga

Finally got back to the ocean. Bandon was a let down, but Beach Loop drive was lovely. Port Orford feels like a hippie town. Lunch at Crazy Norwegian. Quite hot today and warm well into the evening. 

Tugman to Bullards Beach 43 Soma Saga

Another gorgeous day. Hard ride off of 101

Honeyman to Tugman SP 34 Soma Saga

Another gorgeous day on the Oregon Coast, except for the smoke coming down the Umpqua from the Cedar Creek fire. 

South Beach to Honeyman SP 53 Soma Saga

Woke up to bright clear skies. North wind just blew me down the coast. Once I passed Cape Perpetua I was the farthest south I’ve been on a bike on the coast. Gorgeous sunny day. 

South Beach via bus 5 Soma Saga

Cold and foggy on the coast. 

Town - Coffee 12 Soma Saga

Another warm sunny afternoon. 

Town, Bald Hill Park, Oak Creek 24 Soma Saga

Cold foggy morning, warm sunny afternoon. 

Southtown 24 Soma Saga Tuesday group

Cloudy and cool but did warm up in the afternoon. Coffee and treats at Becky’s house. 

Salmonberry to home 49 Ravn CRGA 22

Another sunny warm day. 

Beachside to Salmonberry 46 Ravn CRGA 22

Overcast at the beach, sunny 2 miles up the valley. 

Big Elk to Beachside 40 Ravn CRGA 22

Glorious day. 78 degrees on the beach with light north winds.