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Route Date Miles Bike Buddies Notes
Corvallis to Big Elk CG 34 Ravn CRGA 22

Great start for CRGA 22

Imagine and around town 20 Ravn Tuesday group

Cooler day but still nice. 

Garden Town Garden 32 Soma Saga

Numerous trips to new garden plot. 

Albany 36 Grando

Meeting with Hasso Herring 

Town and garden 21 Soma Saga

New garden plot is closer to home. 

Hiatt Bakery 32 Grando Tenners

Road cleanup, then ride. 

Town & Tuesday 35 Soma Saga Tuesday group

Plus a couple of trips to the new garden plot. 

Home from Big Elk CG 33 Ravn

It actually rained last night, but my tent stayed dry under a big old fir. 
Doing the C2C eastbound with a full load is way too hard. Hours of pushing. Just too hard. But I made it!

Big Elk CG from Bayshore 58 Ravn

The long way, through Newport and Elk City.   Longer but much less climbing than N. Beaver Creek to Hilltop. Nice cool day. 

Seal Rock from Bayshore 14 Ravn

Out and about on the coast escaping the heat and smoke. 

Town 25 Soma Saga Tuesday group

South town with Tuesday riders plus. 

Albany 31 Grando

Slow, slow, slow. Could have beat the heat if I rode faster. 

Town, garden, town 48 Soma Saga Tuesday group

A couple of trips to town plus Tuesday ride. 

Ervin Road 36 Ravn

Trying to make this low mileage month not so bad. 

Adair 24 Grando Tenners

Turned around early to get ready for PMOTPD 

Woods Creek road 48 Ravn

From home. Up Woods Creek a little past the gate. Back on Old Peak. It wasn’t particularly hard, I just went really slow. 

South town 20 Soma Saga Tuesday group

Nice morning for a slow east ride. 

Decker Road 37 Grando Tenners

Not over the hill. Cooler morning. Got a flat from retread wire. 

Garden - Town 20 Soma Saga

‘tis the dog days. 

Town Garden 24 Soma Saga

Back in town. 

De Armond - Mac Forest 40 Ravn

Out Crescent Valley and Mountain View. Then the gravel loop to Airlie road and back. Then Soap Creek to 582 and the steep climb up to 500. Then across the saddle to 610 to 611 and down Lewisburg road to the street that gets you back to Crescent Valley. 

Garden and Town 20 Soma Saga

Not much riding so far this month 

Hiatt Bakery 34 Ravn Tenners

Out Bellfountain. It didn’t get hot until we were back in town. 

Decker 42 Grando

Got out before 7 to beat the heat. A little jog up Beaver Creek before going over Decker. Light clouds kept it pleasant for most of the ride. 

Garden and around 29 Soma Saga

More hot summer slow rides through town. 

Town - garden 20 Soma Saga

Morning errands and evening garden. Very hot now. 

Soap Creek School 23 Ravn

The club hosted a rest stop for Cycle Oregon. 
Over Mountain View - Overlook Back Lewisburg Saddle 

Albany 34 Grando

Broke off of the Tenners ride because I didn’t feel like keeping up. Went to Albany for coffee instead. 
Saw a camper we might buy on the way home. 

Town Garden 15 Soma Saga

Helped out at MVBC table at Cycle Oregon. Then garden. 

Garden 18 Soma Saga

Morning ride to the garden

Beverly Beach to Big Elk 55 Ravn

Much better having the wind mostly at my back. Nice day for a ride. 

Big Elk to Beverly Beach 55 Ravn

Sunny day. Gorgeous on Harlan Road. Could feel the wind picking up on Yaquina Bay. Full on gale at the beach. I had to fight the north wind all the way through Newport to Beverly Beach. 

Harlan 34 Ravn

Started with the Sunday group but then rode up the C2C with my weed wacker to clear the blackberries, nettles, and thistles encroaching on the trail. 
camped at Big Elk. 

Bellfountain Park 58 Grando Tenners

Back Old River Road - Smith Loop - 99

Cloudy and cool. Heavy mist at the top of the hills. 

Garden 16 Soma Saga

Plus some other errands. 

Garden 14 Soma Saga

On a roll, up early and ride to garden. Work 3-4 hours and slow ride home. 

Garden 17 Soma Saga Tuesday group

Out the door by 6 and in the garden by 6:30. Met up withTuesday riders later. 

Garden 12 Soma Saga

Garden duty. Getting hot today. 

Imagine 20 Grando Melo Velos

I led the Melo ride today. All the bike paths. 

Ervin road 37 Ravn

Over Ervin, back Gelatly