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Soma Saga

Day 10 - Late start from Slopchoppy campground as it got down to 45 overnight so I was in no hurry to jump out of bed. It warmed up nicely and soon I was shedding layers. After about 10 miles on the county road it meet back up wit US 98. Yesterday this road had both a wide shoulder and a parallel bike path, but today it had neither. There was probably a five mile stretch with no shoulder and moderate traffic, but the drivers were all courteous and gave me plenty of room. 
It was good to get to the gulf. I just like beaches. Once I was heading west the wind was pretty consistent at my back. 
Carrabelle was the biggest town I passed through today. Looked like they probably had some good eateries but I passed them by. 
No campgrounds on today’s route. Some possibilities for stealth camping but I opted instead for the Sportsman’s Lodge in Eastport where I have a nice room overlooking Apalachicola Bay, which I’ll cross in the morning.