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Dauphin Island

Soma Saga

Day 18 - Early start from my WS host backtracking 10 miles to get back on route. The wind had shifted and would now be at my back heading west. Back on route it was more lovely bike path. Gotta hand it to Alabama. At least these gulf beach towns have great bike paths. After about 10 miles the path finally ended and I was on a mostly quiet road with an adequate bike lane.

Things have really slowed down since escaping Florida. Just a whole lot mellower. I had to stop at the Beach Bum Coffee shop where I chatted with a couple from Michigan who keep their RV down here and come down a couple of times a year. That and plenty of vacation homes, but not all high end. Plenty of modest looking beach retreats as well.

The tailwind was wonderful and I made good time to the Fort Morgan ferry terminal, where I had about a 45 minute wait for the ride over to Dauphin Island. The ferry ride was about 35 minutes. Mobile Bay is huge and the trip to Dauphin Island is only a small part of it. Tomorrow I cross another long bridge. The bay was dotted with small platforms that looked too small to be oil rigs. Not sure what they are.

There is a WS host here that doesn't live here but let's people camp under his house. Gulf beach houses are all up on the second floor with anything underneath at the mercy of storm surges. It would have worked except there was no access to a toilet, and the Gulf Breeze Motel beckoned. Tomorrow is my birthday so I'm treating myself to a comfortable night. No idea what tomorrow will bring.