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Panama City

Soma Saga

Day 12 - Easter Sunday, last day of March.

Woke up to heavy dew on the beach. Carefully bundled up the wet rainfly and footprint knowing I'd be able to dry it out later. Went up to the adjacent park to make my tea and have breakfast. It was after 9 by the time I rode off but no worries, I crossed back into Central Time and gained an hour.  

Mexico beach was more of the same vacation homes and condos but before long I was back out on the open road. Google had wanted me to take a different route but I chose to stay on 98. Probably a mistake as 98 went through almost 20 miles of mostly empty Air Force Base. It was overcast and felt cooler, but that was deceiving as my arms got a little red.

Eventually there were a couple of more bridges and then I came into Parker. There had been a nice shoulder up until now but now it disappeared in favor of another traffic lane. I took the lane most of the time but some drivers waited far too long to get over.

I came to a nice park, "Under the oaks" park, where I hung out for a couple of hours. First I dried my tent, which didn't take long, then I had lunch. I knew it wasn't very far to my Warm Showers host in Panama City. Once again Google gave me grief navigating to her house, but I got here. So a short day, which is fine as I'll have a 45 mile ride tomorrow.