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Soma Saga

Day 6 - Tailwinds, long downhills, light traffic, and sunshine!

The wind finally died down enough for me to sleep last night. Had to stake my tent well. The Deerwood motel/RV park/Campground is a relic from the '60s, which has fallen to disrepair. Must have been a nice resort at one time. Camping is all the same though. The bathroom was clean enough and the WiFi even reached my campsite. The winds was howling though and the freeway could be heard as well.

It was 6 mile back to the route in Madison on a quiet state highway. At Madison it was back on US 90 a.k.a. USBR 90 , which has a nice wide shoulder and surprisingly light traffic. At Monticello the route leaves 90 and takes a more scenic back road, which I left at Lloyd to navigate to my WS hosts for tonight.

Highlights of the day include seeing crimson clover growing on the side of the road and spotting a couple of cardinals. The terrain is still gentle rolling but its been favoring downhill since mid day yesterday. The pine plantations have given way to more open farm fields, but also a lot of forested area with pine and oak and who knows. Parts of it could look like Oregon except for the Spanish moss hanging from the oak trees.

Passed by lots of places waving flags of several varieties, but no Trump signs today, which was nice. Lots of signs for local candidates. 

My Warm Showers hosts for tonight are a wonderful older couple. I've got a trailer house to myself, and they even took me out for dinner. Warm Showers people are the best.