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Soma Saga

Day 4 -  Camped out under a shelter at O'Leno SP so stayed nice and dry through the rain. Only problem was the live band at the group site that played until 1 am. Got up at first light and got my tent down before any park workers showed up. Hung out until the rain stopped.

I pleased to find a bike path leading out of the park paralleling the road. I was not pleased when the bike path lead me a mile off route. Oh well. I was feeling pretty sluggish and was ready to head in to the next campground at just 17 miles, but instead I sat down and ate an apple, which completely revived me. Shortly after was a camp store with cold drinks that really picked4 me up.

The rest of the day was on quiet country roads with very little traffic. Some hills though, and then some headwinds. The country changed as well. More upland pine plantations and cattle farms. There were also hills all day. Not steep of course, but consistently up and down. And then came the headwinds.

I realized my goal of reaching Suwanee River State Park was out of the question so the choice came down to stealth camping or a motel. I was really hoping the small town of Wellborn was going to have an old style motel but no luck. I had to ride 6 more miles out to the freeway to find one.

Maybe tomorrow I'll stay at Suwanee River State Park. There is also a Stephen Foster museum or something so maybe I'll go soak up some history.