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Soma Saga

Day 2 - Another full day. I had a great camping sit at my WS host Robert last night but it was a bit cold and I did not get up early. I started out on the road I should have taken yesterday and got back to the route in about 5 miles. Then I was back on the same rail trail as yesterday for a while, before traversing a number of highways to connect to another rail trail. The highways were not pleasant. Some had a decent shoulder, some did not. All had heavy traffic, most of which was considerate.

The rail trail from Hawthorn to Gainesville was 17 miles of pure bliss. Even some hills and swoopy curves towards the end. Several side trails and scenic stops.

Once again Google Maps failed at  getting me to my WS destination, at first anyway. Eventually it pulled though but not before some extra miles and grief.

Wonderful Warm Showers host Kathy fed me a great meal and wonderful hospitality.