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Route Date Miles Bike Buddies Notes
Gainesville 48 Soma Saga

Day 2 - Another full day. I had a great camping sit at my WS host Robert last night but it was a bit cold and I did not get up early. I started out on the road I should have taken yesterday and got back to the route in about 5 miles. Then I was back on the same rail trail as yesterday for a while, before traversing a number of highways to connect to another rail trail. The highways were not pleasant. Some had a decent shoulder, some did not. All had heavy traffic, most of which was considerate.

The rail trail from Hawthorn to Gainesville was 17 miles of pure bliss. Even some hills and swoopy curves towards the end. Several side trails and scenic stops.

Once again Google Maps failed at  getting me to my WS destination, at first anyway. Eventually it pulled though but not before some extra miles and grief.

Wonderful Warm Showers host Kathy fed me a great meal and wonderful hospitality.

Keystone Heights 67 Soma Saga

Day one and it was a long one. The route was great, but I messed up following Google Maps to my WS host and added 10 extra miles. 
Woke up early, got breakfast at the hotel, and got on the road just as the sun was coming up. It was cold, 45 degrees. It’s about 10 miles through town to where the bike trail starts. As the trail is through the trees it was shaded and didn’t warm up until about 10:00. Very nice smooth paved, well maintained rail trail. 
The first segment ends a big bridge crossing the St. John’s waterway, which has a nice separated bike lane, into Palatka. Then through town and on a highway for a while before the Palatka  - Lake Butler State Trail. Another gorgeous rail trail which I was enjoying so much I missed the turn off for my WS host. 
I did finally make it to Robert’s and set up camp under the pines by a lake. And now I’m in my hammock enjoying the warm late afternoon sun. 

St. Augustine one more time 17 Soma Saga

The weather changed and today was cold (50s) and windy. Big ride starts tomorrow and it will be 45 in the morning. So I had to dig out all my cold gear which had been buried at the bottom of my bags. 

Around St. Augustine again 23 Soma Saga

Loaded with most of my gear I rode around some very nice neighborhoods. Then later I rode back through town and over the lion bridge 

At the Lion Bridge
Around St. Augustine 13 Soma Saga

Tried to find the bike path east but evidently it’s out a ways and I didn’t get that far. Lots of traffic. 

Vilano Beach 23 Soma Saga

Reassembled my bike and went for a test ride north on A1A. Very nice to be riding in warm sunshine. I had a nice tailwind heading north for 8 miles which made for a slow slog coming back. Then over the bridge into St. Augustine and a ride through old town before returning to my motel.

Bike by the beach


Town 12 Ravn

Super warm day. Had to get in a short ride. 

Imagine 16 Grando Tuesday group

Cold, cold but dry. Last ride with the Tuesday group for a while.

Southtown 13 Soma Saga

Recovery ride before the rain comes back. 

Thompson MIlls and Philomath 53 Soma Saga Tenners

Fog was lifting as we started but got dense out in the valley. Cold all way out but then cleared on the way back. Sunny and warm in town so I stopped for lunch and then rode to Philomath. 

Town 15 Soma Saga

Quick trip to town but so nice and sunny I added a few miles. 

Albany 40 Soma Saga

First out Crescent Valley and Mountain View to Adair. Then on to Albany. Sunny upper 50s no wind. 

Imagine 20 Soma Saga Tuesday group

Rain to start, but it stopped by the time we got to town. The usual good time was had by all.

Loop around town 15 Soma Saga

Seemed like a nice day, but then it rained. But then it stopped.

Thompson MIlls 41 Soma Saga

A bit warmer and no rain. Some headwind on the way back. More miles on the Saga after the big upgrade.

Philomath 25 Soma Saga

Cold and cloudy. No rain but a little wind. Fine tuning the Saga. 

Imagine 14 Grando Tuesday group

Cold and cloudy but dry. 

Bike shops 15 Soma Saga

First test ride plus finishing touches on the Saga upgrade. Details in the service log. 

Adair Villiage 21 Grando Tenners

Started out with club but had to split off as I had no power. Nice day though. Partly sunny, upper 40s.

Imagine - Philomath 27 Grando Tuesday group

A little cooler but no rain and some sun. Philomath after Imagine then back to the river and a loop through campus. 

Helmick Park 43 Grando Tenners

Fabulous sunny day. A little cooler to start but warmed right up to the low 50s. Not bad for February. I split from the group on the return and did Airlie De’Armond Wiles Tampico. 

Philomath 22 Grando

Another dry day. A little cooler and windy but I’ll take it. Met up with some fast riders at Timber Towne. 

Lewisburg Saddle - Soap Creek 23 Ravn

February off to a good start. Partly sunny, mid 50s. Up Jackson Creek. Made the grunt climb which gives me hope. Mud up above where trucks are hauling boulders. Was thinking about Dimple Hill but opted for Soap Creek and a coffee stop in Adair. Strong headwind coming back. 

Valley View
Imagine - Southtown 23 Grando Tuesday group

Still warm. A tiny bit of drizzle but mostly dry. 

Around Town 16 Grando

Still warm, but now foggy. Not complaining. Salvaged the month at least.

Albany 35 Grando Brent, John, Lori, Melissa

Warm and dry. Even some sunshine. Little wind. A nice April day in January. 

Peoria Road 30 Grando Tenners

Wasn’t planning on riding as the forecast was saying rain, but then I noticed it wasn’t raining and the updated forecast said no more rain! And then I saw it was 58 degrees!

So very nice ride on the farm roads off of Peoria Road. Moderate headwind going out, nice tailwind coming home. 

Imagine - Southtown 22 Grando Tuesday group

No more ice! It even stopped raining for a day and we got a little sunshine. 

Town 11 Ravn

After a week of ice the roads have finally thawed out enough to ride. Short loop to document the flooding. 

Flooded park
Shedd 40 Grando Tenners

Rain. Cold and rainy. Spirits were high though.

Kiger Island 31 Grando

Rain stopped and there was some blue sky, but a cold south wind. Loop back around town to get the miles. 

Philomath 23 Grando

First ride of the year. Managed to get out during a break in the rain. 

53rd Street 20 Soma Saga

Late start and then had to fight the rain, but eventually the sun came out. 

Imagine 23 Grando Tuesday group

Warmer and not raining. Fog rolled in but then lifted. 

Alt text
De Armond loop 35 Ravn
Gravel ride

Sunny day. Not as warm as yesterday but quite nice. The gravel roads are in great shape. Even saw Mt. Hood. 

Southtown 31 Soma Saga Tuesday group
Tuesday riders at the river

Down to the river, out and back on the bike path, coffee at Bihdis and then a loop out the 34 bike path. Nice day after a bunch of cold ones.

Around town 21 Soma Saga

No rain, no fog, no wind, no sun.

Imagine 21 Grando Tuesday group
Tuesday riders on the bike path

 Clear and sunny and not to cold. We had 12 riders which is not unusual.

Willamette Park 14 Soma Saga Tuesday group
Down by the river - at flood stage

Warm with a little drizzle and light rain. We wanted to see how high the river was so rode down through Southtown on the river path. Then to Bodhi's on 1st for coffee.

Southtown 22 Soma Saga

It stopped raining long enough for a quick ride through town. Very warm at 61°