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Route Date Miles Bike Buddies Notes
Around town 20 Soma Saga

Plus a ride in the park with Inez and Lou on the Piccolo 

NW Tandem Rally 24 Cilantro Linda

Linda’s birthday ride. Out N Coberg Rd from Armitage Park. 

Around town 14 Cilantro Linda

Getting ready for the NW Tandem Rally 

Town and garden 38 Grando Tuesday group

Nice day. 

East Lake to Bend 46 Ravn

Bailed on Loop Tour

Big River to East Lake 27 Ravn LT1 Riders

Long hard climb. 

Tumalo to Big River 37 Ravn LT1 Riders

Got an early start. Lots of slow climbing at the beginning. Bike paths, gravel roads, trails, and waterfalls. 

Sisters to Tumalo SP 24 Grando LT1 Riders

Getting hot. Solo ride on some nice gravel roads. 

Cove Palisades to Sisters 52 Ravn LT1 Riders

Finally a warm sunny day. 

Prineville to Cove Palisades 42 Ravn LT1 Riders

Still cold in the morning but warmed up once we got to camp. 

Bend to Prineville 42 Ravn LT1 Riders

Started out not so good. Chain jammed on the first pedal stroke. It actually bent a link. It was skipping and chattering all day. About 10 miles from the finish I got SAG driver John VS to drive me to the bike shop in Prineville. They removed the bad link. Seems fine now. 

McKenzie Pass 52 Ravn 24 MVBC members on the route.

Started at the ranger station. I suffered a lot. 

Philomath 28 Soma Saga Tuesday group

Still not summer. Maybe getting closer. 

Strawberry Century 59 Grando

It started as a light drizzle and increased to a steady downpour. 

Airport Road 32 Grando

Around town and then out 99 to Airport road. Out to Fern road, Philomath, and home. 

Philomath 41 Soma Saga Tuesday group

Plus a couple of river into town. 
Home from the Outback. Still cool but getting warmer. 

Deschutes River Park to The Dalles 22 Ravn OO group

More ridiculous steep hills, but very scenic on top. Nice descent though canyons with alfalfa and then cherries. 

Shaniko to Deschutes River Park 64 Ravn OO group

Endless rolling hills of brown and green. Wheat fields as far as the eye could see. 

Ashwood to Shaniko 32 Ravn OO group

Another long hard climb followed by a fast downhill followed by another hard climb. 

Prineville to Ashwood 48 Ravn OO group

Gorgeous ride up McKay Creek into the Ochoco Mountains. Then adventurous creek crossings and beating out a thunderstorm. 

Big Bend to Prineville 26 Ravn OO group

Down the Crooked Right 

Sand Springs to Big Bend 42 Soma Saga OO group

Good day with brutal climb

Silver Lake to Sand Springs 24 Ravn OO group

I drove half the route

Chemult to Silver Lake 39 Ravn OO group

Cold start but not bad. 

Town 10 Ravn

Test ride on fully loaded Ravn before the Oregon Outback tomorrow. 

Around town 18 Soma Saga

Shopping and around. 

Columbia Gorge Campout 38 Grando Rick

Campout at Eagle Creek with MVBC. Rode west to Multnomah Falls, which included the infamous steps. Then across Bridge Of The Gods and back an into Cascade Locks. 
Also a hike up Eagle Creek. 

Sauerkraut 17 Ravn Sunday gravel riders

Now we’re talking! Warm and sunny. Finally. 

Decker 35 Grando Midge Cramer Ride

Nice day. Just got the Grando back from the shop and rode it without fenders, racks, light or bag. Felt lighter but not really any faster. 

Ride of Silence 10 Soma Saga

Good turnout. A bit cold and windy but dry. 

Philomath 20 Soma Saga Tuesday group

A nice day for a ride to Timber Towne 

Oak Creek 23 Grando

Just meandering around town.

Harris Road 28 Ravn

Out and back, plus a trip to town. Nice day even if it did rain. 

Albany 40 Ravn Tenners

A decent day. A few sprinkles but warmer. A little wind too, but warmer. A little sun too.

I put the RTPs back on the Ravn as the Grando is in the shop. I sure goes well on the road with these tires.

Met up with the Albany Tweed ride at the Antique Bike Show at the brewery on the bike path.

Philomath 32 Ravn

First South Town. Nicer day. Put the RTPs back on the Ravn. Tubeless. 

Imagine 20 Soma Saga Tuesday group

Still quite cool but dry. 

Decker 36 Soma Saga Tenners

Rain to start then some sun. Headwinds in 3 directions. 

Jefferson 60 Grando

Nice day. Out Riverside to Albany, then on to  Jefferson. Back on Talbot and across the ferry. 

Imagine 21 Grando Tuesday group

No rain! Warmed up a bit. Nice ride around town. 

Alsea Falls Gravel 25 Ravn Gravel riders

No rain, some sun. Hard ride but enjoyable.