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Route Date Miles Bike Buddies Notes
Philomath 22 Soma Saga Melo Velos

Still dodging rain showers. 

Rifle Range 31 Ravn

Some drizzle but better than yesterday. Out the northwest hills through Adair and the wildlife refuge to Coffin Butte to Wiles, Military, Robeson, and Rifle Range. 

Around town 19 Grando

Needed 30 miles for the month but the rain kept coming. Just showers but I was under dressed not expecting rain. 

Imagine 30 Soma Saga Tuesday group

Plus a couple of other trips to town. Spotty weather. Some rain. 

Brownsville 64 Grando Tenners

A really nice day after two weeks of cold rain. Great turnout. I had a flat. Same slow leak that has been plaguing me for months. 

Harlan - Elk City - Harlan 43 Ravn Sunday gravel riders

No rain, not too cold, and excellent road conditions. Good turnout as well. 

Imagine 21 Grando

With the Tenners out 53rd to Bellfountain, then turned back. Cold, wet, and miserable. 

Hyatt Bakery 41 Ravn Larry

Ran into Larry as I was turning off on Airport. After the bakery we took Ervin over to Decker and 34 and Gelatly back to Philomath. 
First nice day in a week and a half. 

Sauerkraut 30 Ravn

Thursday I rode in 70 degree sunshine. Today 40 degree rain. Wouldn’t have done it if I wasn’t the ride leader for this gravel ride. 

Brownsville Lebanon Albany 80 Grando

Birthday ride. Needed 74, got 80. Absolutely perfect day, with a high no less of 74.

Imagine 15 Soma Saga Tuesday group

Cool and breezy 

Bellfountain Gravel Loop 20 Ravn MVBC

Short loop. Cooler day but still nice with a little sun. Fresh gravel on McFarlan

Philomath 26 Grando John

Had the Free Bikes For Kids event in the morning then John Ro and I rode to Philomath. 

Philomath - Airport 32 Soma Saga

If I did the math right this ride gets me to 1,000 miles for the year, on this the last day of March. If I keep up this pace that would only be 4,000 for the year. Since I hope to do much better than that I will have to pick it up. 

Imagine and around town 27 Soma Saga Tuesday group

Spring weather is still holding. 

Valsetz to VOG 25 Ravn Lots

Another gorgeous spring day. This ride was a lot harder than I remembered. 

Helmick Park 42 Grando Tenners

Nice day. Good turnout. 

Mac Forest 23 Ravn

Started out sunny and cool. Headed north out Crescent Valley, Mountain View, Overlook. Was planning to do the gravel loop out Wiles, D’Armond, Rifle Range after a stop for coffee in Adair. But the fog rolled in and I got cold so I headed up rd 540 to warm up. Continued past the pond and climbed another couple of miles to rd 500. By the time I got to the pond I was above the fog and it was nice. Then another couple of miles up to Vineyard Mountain before dropping back down to Lewisburg Saddle and home via Jackson Creek  

Philomath 36 Grando Tuesday group

11 riders showed up for the first ride of Spring. And Spring it was with temps reaching the upper 60’s. Destination was Timber Towne where they were out of biscuits but the coffee was still good. 4 of us continued south to Airport and then out Keiger Island where we met Grandpa Verne. 

Around town 22 Soma Saga Tuesday group

Sun showers today. Very spring like. 

Peoria Park 32 Grando Tenners

Bright sunshine to start, stormy rain threatening at the finish. 

Imagine 27 Soma Saga Tuesday group

Plus a couple of other errands. Colder and cloudy today but no rain. 

Valsetz 38 Ravn

17 people showed up on what turned into a sunny day. Great ride. 

Albany 41 Grando Tenners

Nice day. I was pretty charged. I think I'm feeling stronger after doing Dimple Hill on Thursday.

Dimple Hill 21 Ravn

Up Jackson Creek, down Oak Creek. Some sun, some rain. I seemed to have no difficulty on the climb even though I haven't been doing much climbing this year.

Imagine 14 Soma Saga Tuesday group

Warm rain

Muddy Creek School 32 Grando Tenners

Forecast was for rain at 1:00. It started at 11:00. Not heavy, but cold. 

Around Town 15 Soma Saga

Sunny but warming. Actually just over 40 but the sun was really warm. 

Town 15 Soma Saga Tuesday group

Cold and sunny with a very cold wind. Coffee at Susan’s. 

Thomson Mill 43 Grando Tenners

Fog lifted but still cold. Wind from all 4 directions. 

Town 20 Soma Saga Tuesday group

Cold and grey again but dry. 

Bellfountain Gravel Loop 21 Ravn Sunday gravel riders

Sunny for most of the ride as the clouds slowly rolled in. Roads in great shape. 

Albany 42 Grando Tenners

Via Seven Mile and Periwinkle Creek. Gorgeous warm sunny day. Good turnout. 

Around town 34 Grando Tuesday group

Plus escorting Afghan refugees home from work Sunday night. 
Foggy to start, sun came out later. 

Peoria 38 Grando Tenners

A little wind and humidity made mid 40s feel like mid 30s. Still better than rain. 

Philomath 24 Grando

Sunny warm afternoon. 

Around town 19 Grando Tuesday group

Another cold morning.

South Polk Gravel Loop 17 Ravn Christi Teddi

Bike Indy event. We did shorter loop. Stapleton Highland Haley Parker Old Fort Helmick Parker Highland Stapleton and back. 

Bellfountain to Decker 37 Grando Tenners

Back via Fern. Sunny. Cold to start but warmed up nicely. Gorgeous day. 

Imagine 14 Soma Saga Tuesday group

Cold cold fog then cold sun.