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Route Date Miles Bike Buddies Notes
Yachats River Valley 32 Ravn
Yachats River Valley

Cloudy but not cold. Much better than the freezing fog in the valley. Camped at Tilicum.  The Yachats valley is still the most beautiful ride of all. 

Tilicum Beach 5 Ravn
Sunset on the beach

Took the Ravn on the beach. Couldn’t resist it was such a nice evening. Was careful to avoid water. 

Albany 30 Grando Tenners
At the ride start

Sunny and cold. Very nice. Went to The Brim in Albany. Good to be back on the Grando.

Philomath 26 Grando

Plus a loop out Grange Hall Rd. Sunny and not too cold. As good as it gets for November. 

Imagine 18 Grando Tuesday group

Cold fog to start. Some sun on the way home. 

Thompson Mills 41 Grando Tenners

Beat the rain. Really good to be back on the Grando. I could hang near the front instead of off the back. 

Around town 23 Grando

Grando is back with shiny new wheels, cassette, and chain. Test ride and all is well. Sunny and not cold. 

Town 11 Soma Saga

Short ride in to ride over the temporary Van Buren bridge, after yesterdays last ride over the old bridge. Warmer but felt colder due to high humidity after this morning rain. 

Imagine Philomath Airport 31 Ravn Tuesday group

Pretty much the reverse of yesterday. A bunch of the Tenners women joined us. Colder but no rain. 

Philomath via Airport road 31 Ravn

Nice day. A little windy but warm enough and dry. 

Decker Road 34 Ravn

Not over the hill. Out Fern. Back Bellfountain and Airport. Cold cloudy but dry. 

Imagine 23 Ravn Tuesday group

Back through Southtown.  Some rain, some sun. 

Philomath 23 Ravn

Through Bald Hill park. Cloudy but warmer. 

Imagine 22 Soma Saga Tuesday group

Still cold but the sun came out. Rain tomorrow. 

De Armond loop 36 Ravn

Cold and sunny to start but it warmed up quickly. Gorgeous day. 

Albany 32 Ravn Tenners

Cold but sunny. Cold wind though, but a beautiful day. Abbreviated graveyard ride for Halloween 

South Town 23 Ravn

Around town to Tried & True. Started out cold but turned out pretty nice. 

Imagine 24 Ravn Tuesday group

Got caught by the rain before I got home. 

Albany 30 Ravn Tenners

Started out with the fast group but soon realized my mistake and rejoined the slow group. Long second breakfast in Albany. 
Misty day but no real rain. 

Five Rivers Road 31 Ravn

Fall colors ride. Out and back from Blackberry CG

Imagine 16 Soma Saga Tuesday group

Some fog. Sun after. 

Philomath 26 Soma Saga Sunday Lunch Ride

Nelson and Brigitte and Nelson’s sister and nephew. Very nice day. 

Around town 15 Soma Saga

Got out late after fog lifted. 

Adair Village 22 Ravn

Good Grounds coffee. Did the northwest hills route but really low energy. Rain coming. 

Imagine 13 Soma Saga Tuesday group

Rainy ride. Did the minimum distance. 

Town 10 Soma Saga

Had to drop off Linda’s van. Rainy day. 

Philomath 25 Ravn Sunday geezers

Fog was lifting as we started. Nice and warm after 

Philomath 23 Ravn Candis

Helmet event at fire station. Very warm for October. 

Decker 42 Ravn

Perfect October day. 

Albany via Adair 41 Ravn

Was heading for Albany but dark clouds in that direction, plus gravel trucks pushed me to Adair. Plus my legs were dead weight. After coffee the clouds had lifted and my legs woke up so I went to Albany and back Riverside. Finished off with a little loop around town. 

Imagine 17 Ravn Tuesday group

Nice day. 

Imagine 19 Ravn Tuesday group

Had to drop off the Rialta. Rode most of the way back to meet the group. Rain. 

Hiatt Bakery 35 Ravn John VS

Last ride of summer. 

Tangent 13 Ravn

Pick up Rialta. 

Imagine and Bald Hill park 26 Ravn Tuesday group

Good turnout and a beautiful day. Spent some time watching them take down a big tree at Teddi’s. Afterwards I went solo and did the Bald Hill loop. 

Tangent 16 Ravn

Dropped off Rialta and rode home. Cool and grey. 

Kiger Island 28 Ravn James, Tom

Small turnout for the Sunday Lunch Ride. A little cooler today. 

Philomath 25 Ravn Tom

Started with the Tenners but pulled out. Can’t keep up. Nice day. 

Hiatt Bakery 33 Ravn

Missed all the other riders. Got hot. 

South Beach 10 Ravn Linda

To jetty and around campground.