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Rocky Creek Campground

Soma Saga

Day 23 - Day 1 Natchez Trace Parkway 

I had to stay 3 nights in Natchez waiting out a powerful storm front. Today dawned dark and cloudy but gradually cleared all day. The wind was still ripping but it was mostly at my back. 
Finally out on the NTP. It’s as advertised: smooth pavement, light traffic, and very scenic. Completely undeveloped except for some farmland here and there. Historical markers every 5-20 miles or so. Easy riding. 
On the other hand there are no services along the route. It doesn’t go through towns so no coffee stops or second breakfast. In fact water is not available for long distances. Even the campground I stayed at night 1 did not have drinkable water.

Finally started seeing other cyclists on the road. Only one loaded tourist. I rode part of the day with Wayne who is doing out and backs from his RV. He’ll end up doing the whole thing twice.