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Soma Saga

Day 19 - I got out at about 8:15 after a peaceful night at the Gulf Breeze Motel on Dauphin Island, Alabama. The first challenge of the day was another three mile bridge, with one steep rise in the middle. It had a good shoulder and was not nearly as intimidating as it looked. Once over the bridge I was in rural Alabama bayou country. Nice quiet roads. Eventually I gained a little altitude and was riding though open farm country. For the first time it looked like early spring instead of endless summer. Fields were plowed but not yet planted. Trees where just starting to leaf out.

After a while I was back on US 90, and a few miles after that I crossed into Mississippi. As I approached Pascagoula things got more industrial. Marine industry, ship building, all kinds of stuff. Not very scenic.

Tomorrow I change it up. I'll be driving a u-haul to the start of the Natchez Trace Parkway. I've had my fill of the Gulf and I really don't want to be riding anywhere near New Orleans. Nothing against New Orleans, I'm sure it's a fascinating city to visit, I just don't like cities and I've had my fill of riding with heavy traffic. Really looking forward to the Natchez Trace.