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Route Date Miles Bike Buddies Notes
Valley Loop 30 Alez Andy
Valley Loop 45 Alez Andy Dan Paul
Valley Loop 30 Alez

Adams road

Siskiyou Summit 80 Alez David Paul

To Jacksonville back over DH and Adams road

Loop Road 35 Alez Dan Paul

Down Hitt rd.

Chico Wildflower 100 Alez David Andy

Very hot. I got dehydrated on Table Mountain

Chico Wildflower Century

Jacksonville Loop 62 Alez Dan Andy David

Long loop

Four Corners 15 Rock Hopper
Gold Hill - Wimer 58 Alez Andy Dan Paul
Toothpick 10 Rock Hopper
Green Springs 50 Alez Andy David Paul

It was sunny and hot on the way up but cool on top with snow still under the trees.

Valley Loop 50 Alez

Out to Buckhorn and then to Phoenix. Didn't go the whole way to J'ville.

Toothpick 10 Rock Hopper
Woodrat loop 60 Alez

Our first ride with the Siskiyou Velos.

Callahans 83 Alez

First up Callahans then past Jacksonville