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Erickson Springs - Kebler Pass - Taylor River

Rock Hopper
Andy, Paul, Sharon

Thursday - Kebler Pass (10,000') - Crested Butte - Taylor river.

At 10,000 feet Kebler pass was my first big challenge. We continued on the dirt road from the campground. As we approached the pass we encountered fresh gravel in the road. At two miles from the top they were laying fresh chip-seal. It was a mess but the last half mile to the top was clear.

After Kebler Pass we had a choice of going over Ohio pass and down Ohio creek but we opted to go to Crested Butte.

We took the highway from Crested Butte down some miles before cutting across the hills to the Taylor River. The campground had the river on one side and steep cliffs on the other.

Campsite at Taylor River