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Leaving Tallahassee
Looking back at the Pensacola bridge
Welcome to California sign
Wide deserted street
The Pearl River feeds Barnett Reservoir
Halflinger draft horse
Bike by coffee stand
A nice wave in California
Armstrong 3 speed
Camping on the Natchez Trace
Gretch headstock
Fender before restoration
Soma Saga Touring Bike
Clouds lifting over Mary's Peak
Bike camp
Making it up the hill
Me in front of a T-Rex statue
Tuesday riders at the river
Lunch at Luna Sea
Another muddy river
Home made Lap Steel guitars
Bike at Corvallis bus depot
Mount Hood behind a green field
At Willamette Mission Park
Looking west over Black Butte to the Three Sisters
The route
Sign for Historic St. Mark Trail
Home made Tahitian Uke
Wakulla River
Willamette River at flood stage
Gibson ES-150
Goldberg family band
Big Elk Creek
Me and my bike in front of a giant redwood tree
Sheltering from the rian
Oahu headstock
Cypress Swamp
View of Black Butte from a gravel road
Tree shaded road
Tuesday group at the river
Looking back toward the fog
Riding up a steep hill with Joe in the lead
Riders getting ready to ride on the last day
Bike on the beach at sunset
Severe Weather
Nice river shot
Soma Saga
Sunshine and green grass
Gibson ES-150
Dorena Lake
Sunset on Dauphin Island
Selfie with tents
Elvis' outhouse
Sopchoppy sign
Riding down the trail
Dogwood in bloom
Clouds over the Yachats River Valley
Harvesting cranberries
It was raining in the morning when I left Gainesville, but then it stopped.
Crimson Clover growing on the side of the road
Bike and tent at Honeyman SP
Riding the Oregon Outback
New Zealand Tour Route
Grando with shiny new parts
Planning the route
Looking out over our camp
On the river bridge
Riding up Round Lake
Me and my tent
Bike by lighthouse
Riders lined up for a photo op
Steep rolling hills
View from my motel room
Lining up to ford a river due to bridge construction
Mississippi River at Natchez
Sunset on the beach
Long bridge I had to ride over
Bike, tent, and picnic table
My Surly Long Haul Trucker
Riding down the gravel at Alsea Falls
I love gardens
Me and my tent
Bridge off Dauphin Island
Metolius River
Flooded forest
Supro Comet Lap Steel Guitar
Santana Cilantro
Lap Steel guitar
Indian burial mounds
Juniper tree
New crankset
Bon Secur River
Mini Loop Tour Map
Flooded park
At the Lion Bridge
Bike by the ocean
Getting some air on my mountain bike
The view from my hammock
Bike and tree
Old house in the woods
River and cypress
Bike at the North Fork Yactahts River covered bridge
Trail riding on the C2C
The Umpqua lighthouse
Ferry Landing at Dauphin Island
My bike leaning against a giant Monterey Cypress
Campsite at Sopchoppy campground
Gretch resonator guitar
Columbia River
Mini Loop Tour Map
Oahu squareneck guitar restoration
Selfie with Rann, Peter, and Robert
View of the ocean with big rocks
Camp Sherman Gravel Camp group shoot
Still seeing patched of crimson clover
Smooth gravel road
Sunset on Dauphin Island
Riders at the first ocean view of the tour
Camping in the Redwoods
Route overview map
Lifting bikes over a fallen tree
Nice campsite in Tennessee
Metolius River
Great Tree
Another bridge
Two hawks in the trees
Fender Guitar
Destin Fort Walton Beach
Mountain view at sunset
At the ride start
Looking south under a smoky cloud cover
View from Green Ridge
Teton Concert Uke
Bend Bowtie Tour Map
Coffee stop with bike and picnic table
Sunset at St. Joe's Beach
Map of the Coast Range Gravel Adventure route
Elvis' bithplace
A section of the Old Trace
Sunny guitar player
My loaded touring bike inside
Regal Ukulele
View of the Smith River through the trees
Paul and Linda
Nice pine trees
Tuesday group at the river
Selfie at Lake Cresent
Giant bicycle
Bridge off Dauphin Island
Fog over the valley
Nice view
Bike, tent, and picnic table
Leaving Jean's house
Scenic gravel riding
Nice view of Harlan Valley
Bike at Yachats River Mouth
Tents and campers
Home made Lap Steel guitar
Bike by the beach
Band at Southern Oregon University
Gibson ES-333
My bike in front of the store
Selfie in my tent with my arm in a sling
More crowded bike camp
Sheltering from the rian
Mountain view
Oahu squareneck guitar
Taking a break at a store on the coast.
Play Music On The Porch Day
Colorado Tour Map
Boardwalk along the Sopchoppy River
McKay Covered bridge in the Applegate Valley
Welcome to Mississippi
Starting the gravel on Woods Creek rd
Wallowas Tour Map
Gravel ride
Home made Tahitian Uke
Out on the Ravn
Camp Sherman Gravel Camp
Grando at Crater Lake
Andy with the bikes at Valley of the Rogue Park
Idaho Tour Map
Sunrise at St. Joe’s Beach
Kala Tenor Ukulele
Overlooking Port Ludlow
Nice plowed field
Gravel riding on Green Ridge
Play music with my friends
End of tour beer
Catalyst Pedals
Steep rocky climb on Green Ridge
Around the fire at Camp Sherman Gravel Camp
Alt text
North Coast Tour Map
Some people I met
Bike in New Zealand
Nice gravel road
Shiny new bike parts
Wallowas Tour Map
Riding along the river bikepath
Melrose Community Center
Teton Mahogany Parlor Guitar
Larrivee OO-03
View of Olympic mountains over Hood Canal
Selfie at the beach
Northern Washington Tour Map
Some riders at the beach coming in to Port Angeles
My bike at Elvis' house
Valley View
Lap steel guitars
Looking out at the Sol Duc River
Strip Trip Tour Map
Group shot on Green Ridge
On our tandem
More mountain views
My hammock and my tent in the woods.
Rail trail
Olympic Tour Map
Ocean view looking south from Port Orford
Downhill on Dead Indian Memorial
Looking down a gravel road
Nice ocean view
Boxed bike ready to unpack
White sand beach
Small town Florida
Looking south
San Juan Islands Tour Map
Yachats River Valley
Nice view of the Olympics from the Discovery Trail
Riging throug a tunnel on the trail by Lake Crescent
Sunset over Hall Lake
The route to Willamette Mission SP
Makala ukulele
Fishing pier
Riders posing on the bridge
Chuck making it up the first grade
Sunset at Beachside SP
On the bridge looking at the Elwah River
Rawland Ravn
Lemonade stand on Metolius River road
On the ferry
Gravel riders
Orchard and pond
Ready to roll
Playing in the band
Lap Steel Guitar
Disc Trucker loaded for touring
LT23 overview map
Gloria, Bob, and I heading out of camp
Ravn Rondo style
Saga at Rainy Pass
Gulf Islands National Seashore and nesting sign
John Day Tour Map
View of Barnett Reservoir
Peter on the descent
Melbert Lap Steel
Sisters - Indian Ford trail
Bayou La Batre Market
Sigma Guitar
Ocean view
Unknown River
Steep rolling hills
Down by the river - at flood stage
Lap Steel guitar
Rider on the beach at susnset
Tuesday riders on the bike path
South Coast tour map
Ravn with touring gear
Regal Resonator Guitar
Sunrise over my shoulder at the start of the tour
My old band
Crossing the St. John's River
Teresa climbing on Woods Crk Road
Suwannee River
Mississippi River at Natchez
Tracy and Betty riding gravel
Closeup of lighthouse at Heceta Head
Jack climbing on Woods Crk Road
Reached the beach
Riders at the trialhead. Highest point on the C2C
Bike with Mt. Mcgloughlin
Hiding out from the rain
Group start at CRGA 2022
Oregon Tour Map
Ready to start the ride
Andy showing off our touring bikes
Riders on the pavement on Five Rivers road
State Park sign
Mini Loop Tour Map
Nice lake in the Oregon dunes
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