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Oregon Outback 2022

Bikepacking Oregon South to North on gravel roads

Start Date
Number of Days
Total miles

In way over my head. 



Route Date Miles Bike Buddies Notes
Deschutes River Park to The Dalles 22 Ravn OO group

More ridiculous steep hills, but very scenic on top. Nice descent though canyons with alfalfa and then cherries. 

Shaniko to Deschutes River Park 64 Ravn OO group

Endless rolling hills of brown and green. Wheat fields as far as the eye could see. 

Ashwood to Shaniko 32 Ravn OO group

Another long hard climb followed by a fast downhill followed by another hard climb. 

Prineville to Ashwood 48 Ravn OO group

Gorgeous ride up McKay Creek into the Ochoco Mountains. Then adventurous creek crossings and beating out a thunderstorm. 

Big Bend to Prineville 26 Ravn OO group

Down the Crooked Right 

Sand Springs to Big Bend 42 Soma Saga OO group

Good day with brutal climb

Silver Lake to Sand Springs 24 Ravn OO group

I drove half the route

Chemult to Silver Lake 39 Ravn OO group

Cold start but not bad.