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MVBC Loop Tour 2019 - North Coast

Start Date
Number of Days
Total miles
North Coast Tour Map


Route Date Miles Bike Buddies Notes
Home - LT19 Day 9 40 Soma Saga

My sixth Loop Tour in the books. 

Eddyville - LT19 Day 8 36 Soma Saga

Everyone took the Elk City route and did fine on the gravel. 

Newport - LT19 Day 7 70 Soma Saga

More capes, long miles, nice day. 

Cape Lookout SP - LT19 Day 6 50 Soma Saga

Three Capes!

Nehalem Bay SP - LT19 Day 5 44 Soma Saga

Another nice day. Rain supposed to start tonigh. 

Around Astoria - LT19 Day 4 15 Soma Saga

Layover day in Astoria. 

Astoria- LT19 Day 3 60 Soma Saga

Nice ride. 

Vernonia- LT19 Day 2 56 Soma Saga



Followed an Oregon Randonneur route from McMinnville with nice rolling hills. Late second breakfast in Banks. 

The BV Trail was harder than I expected. I probably wore myself out on the rolling hills, plus too heavy a meal in Banks, plus terrible rough pavement which really beat me up. Nice on the downhill side. Camping at Anderson part right on the trail in Vernonia  



McMinnville LT19 Day 1 50 Soma Saga

Nice start to LT19. Cloudy in the morning and then clearing throughout the day. Some headwind. Camping at Yamhill fairgrounds.