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Loop Tour 2022 - Bend Bowtie

Bending a Bowtie

Start Date
Number of Days
Total miles

A reroute of the 2014 Bend Loop Tour. This time we stayed east of the mountains.

Bend Bowtie Tour Map


Route Date Miles Bike Buddies Notes
East Lake to Bend 46 Ravn

Bailed on Loop Tour

Big River to East Lake 27 Ravn LT1 Riders

Long hard climb. 

Sisters to Tumalo SP 24 Grando LT1 Riders

Getting hot. Solo ride on some nice gravel roads. 

Cove Palisades to Sisters 52 Ravn LT1 Riders

Finally a warm sunny day. 

Prineville to Cove Palisades 42 Ravn LT1 Riders

Still cold in the morning but warmed up once we got to camp. 

Bend to Prineville 42 Ravn LT1 Riders

Started out not so good. Chain jammed on the first pedal stroke. It actually bent a link. It was skipping and chattering all day. About 10 miles from the finish I got SAG driver John VS to drive me to the bike shop in Prineville. They removed the bad link. Seems fine now.