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Loop Tour 2021 - Idaho

Start Date
Number of Days
Total miles

Back in the Saddle:  

Silver Valley, Hiawatha, Palouse

Another great tour

Rails to Trails

Idaho Tour Map


Route Date Miles Bike Buddies Notes
Freeman to Spokane Valley 15 Ravn Loop Tour 2021

End of Loop Tour

Potlach to Freeman 63 Ravn Loop Tour 2021

The Palouse up close. Very nice. The longest day. 

St. Maries to Potlach 52 Ravn Loop Tour 2021

2 big climbs. Lots of trucks. 

Telichpah to St. Maries 54 Ravn Loop Tour 2021

Down the St. Joe river on gravel and asphalt. 

Wallace to Telichpah CG 53 Ravn Loop Tour 2021

Great ride on the NorPac trail. One of the best. The Hiawatha was very crowded. 

Bell Bay to Wallace 60 Ravn Loop Tour 3021


Beauty Creek to Bell Bay 25 Ravn Loop Tour 2021

Lots of climbing. Hot. 

Spokane to Beauty Creek 42 Ravn Loop Tour 2021

Hot and smoky. Centennial Trail was great.