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CRGA 2019

Coast Range Gravel Adventure second edition

Start Date
Number of Days
Total miles

Three days of sunshine and one day of sun showers. Spectacular views and colors. Great group of adventurers.



Route Date Miles Bike Buddies Notes
CRGA Day 4 - Salmonberry to Corvallis 50 Ravn MVBC

Rained overnight and sun showers throught the day. Salmonberry road and South Fork road to Alsea Falls.

CRGA19 Day 3 - Beachside to Salmonberry 32 Ravn MVBC

Still sunny! I drove the Yachats River Valley segment.

CRGA19 Day 2 - Big Elk to Beachside 39 Ravn MVBC

70 degrees in Waldport!

CRGA19 Day 1 - Corvallis to Big Elk CG 33 Ravn MVBC

Foggy to start but soon cleared and was a glorious fall day.