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Coast Solo 2020

Late autum ride to the Coast and back.

Start Date
Number of Days
Total miles

Two days to the Coast, a layover day, and one day back.



Route Date Miles Bike Buddies Notes
Alsea 44 Ravn

Cold morning in Waldport, 44 when I left at 9:30. Warmed up a bit but stayed nice and cool all day. Stoped at Blackberry and made some hot tea out of the cold bottled tea I got on the way out. Stopped again at Salmonberry. Rain was starting when I got to Alsea where I waited for Linda to pick me up.

Once again 34 was a lovely ride home. Once again traffic was very light. Once again there was always a wide spot to pull off just as a log truck was approaching, The later was really uncanny. I had 4 log trucks pass. Only one time did I have to pull off on the gravel shoulder. Three times a driveway or wide spot just appeared out of nowhere right on time. Another time a big oversized load truch passed as I was stopped off the road to pee. Highway 34 has always been a great ride for me.

Waldport 11 Ravn

Around town and around Bayshore. Sunny with a cold north wind. Very warm out of the wind. 

Bayshore 58 Ravn

Harlan Road to Elk City. A little rain in Toledo. A little wind and a little rain on Yaquina Bay Road. Sunny with a tailwind on the coast. 

Big Elk Campground 34 Ravn

Over the mountains and through the woods. Left at 10:30 arrived at 3:30.