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Coast Range Gravel Adventure 2018

3 days of gorgeous fall riding on old logging roads through the coast range

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I put a message out on Facebook hoping to get people to join me on a coast loop following the C2C over and the Yachats River valley back. It was a success.

We had 9 riders start out plus Karen drove my van for the first 2 days. 3 Riders just did a day ride, 2 riders rode for 2 days, and 4 of us rode all 4 days.

We had beautiful sunny weather except right on the coast where it was foggy. We did not get to camp the 3rd night because Salmonberry CG closed due to a water problem. We did get to ride a new to us road, FS 3412 which parallels highway 34 from Five Rivers Road to Missouri Bend, getting us off the highway and on to gravel, and cutting 4 miles off of the route.



Route Date Miles Bike Buddies Notes
Beachside SP to Salmonberry CG 38 Ravn Eileen, Peter, Rick

Day 3 - Coast Range Gravel Adventure

It was foggy on the coast when we left. Stopped at the Blue Whale for second breakfast and then headed out Yachats River Road. In a couple of miles the sun was shining and it was warming up. We were taking turns driving and Eileen drove the first leg. Rick then took over and drove up to the end of the Valley. Then I drove over the hill. I have ridden this and I wanted to give the others the experience of the big climb and great descent into Five Rivers Valley. From here Peter took over the driving and took some amazing pictures of the fall foliage in the Five Rivers Valley.

Then came the adventure. Road 3412. Unkown territory. Turned out to be in great shape for riding, but steep for 3.5 miles. And then we were treated to an amazing descent on smooth pavement. Very unexpected. This was probably the highlight of the trip.

We got to Salmonberry CG and it was closed even though the camp host had told me it would be open just the week before. Oh well. We loaded up the van and heased to Nectar Creek in Philomath for a celebration and then home.

Big Elk CG to Beachside SP 26 Ravn Eileen, Eric, Karen, Peter, Rick, Sean

Day 2 - Coast Range Gravel Adventure

Woke up to a light mist but happily the tents were not wet. Plenty of time for breakfast and pictures before setting off on Hilltop Road. Soon it was clear and sunny and it would be a warm day. Hilltop is a long hard climb, but never brutal. I did not have to walk any of it. The downhill is on gravel which was never loose altough threre was once section that was a little chunky. The ride down North Beaver Creek was long and tiring. Once it was following the creek it was no longer all downhill, but the typical ups and downs when following a river or creek.

It was foggy at the coast and a lot cooler. Eric's wife was there to take Eric, Sean and Karen back to Corvallis. So now it was just 4 of us. We headed to Seal Rock and found a coffee shop. After that I drove ahead to Beachside SP and was able to get spot 32 which has more room for tents. The riders showed up soon after. Rick got some firewood and we had a pleasant evening.

Corvallis to Big Elk CG 32 Ravn Betty, Eileen, Eric, John, Karen, Peter, Rick, Sean, Tracy

Day 1 Coast Rand Gravel Adventure 2018

8 riders set off from Osborn on a glorious October morning to follow the C2C route through the Coast Range on a glorious October morning. Peter's wife Karen offered to drive my van, so we had SAG support. We picked up Rick in Philomath and headed out highway 20 to Woods Creek road. It was a bright sunny say and it would get nice and warm. Of course this late in the season the sun is low and a lot of places in the woods are in the shade.

Everyone really emjoyed the C2C trail section. It's just a really fun ride. We got to Big Elk Campground and Tracy, Betty, and John hopped in  Tracy's truck and headed home, leaving 7 of us to camp and ride the next day.