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Soma Saga

Day 28 - NTP Day 6

Today was a tough one. I got a cold. Stuffy head, dry cough. So I drank a lot of liquids yesterday and then was up all night peeing. Still managed to get out earlier than I wanted to as it was a bit cool. Right away I was struggling. The historic sites and points of interest were more frequent on this section and I had to stop and rest at each one. Eventually I seemed to recover and was able to get to town at a reasonable pace. All I could think about was getting to a motel and lying down.

The country changed a lot today. The forest got thinner and thinner and eventually the road dropped down to open farm land and a river.

Tupelo is a mess. Heavy traffic, no bicycle lanes or sidewalks. I'll probably;y take 2 rest days, do laundry, and go see where Elvis was born.