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Timberlake Campground

Soma Saga

Day 24 - Day 2 NTP

Wayne rode out from the campground with me. The miles sure go by faster when you’re riding with someone. It was a cloudless day, nice and cool in the morning and not too hot in the afternoon. 
Not much change in the terrain from yesterday. Mostly forested with lots of trees I can’t identify. I did notice some juniper growing in a completely different environment that our Oregon juniper. Occasional very muddy creeks and bayous. Lots of trees down from the big storm two days ago. Still seeing Crimson clover on the sides of the road. It’s been there all the way from Florida. 
The historic sites along the parkway are of little interest to me. Yes so-and-so came here and did something hundreds of years ago, but there’s no trace of it now. 
Once I hit Clinton/Jackson traffic picked up and got pretty bad, but wouldn’t you know it, a nice bike path appeared which took me all the way past Jackson and Ridgeland. I was also getting hot on the road as there wasn’t much shade, but the bike path was completely shaded. 
There is no place to camp on the NTP for many more miles so I found an RV park off route that has tent camping. It’s okay. Wayne joined me and brought some beer so even better.