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Soma Saga

Day 25 - NTP day 3

Best day yet on the Trace. Traffic was mellow, the road was flat, and the scenery was gorgeous. 
Said goodbye to Wayne and left Timberlake CG a bit late. Stopped at a grocery store before the 6 mile ride back to the NTP. The next 10 miles was along Barnett Reservoir so a different view from the first two days. It being Saturday morning there were lots of cyclists out including two large packs. One stood out as there was a Black guy in front a nice mix of ethnicity and gender. Wish we had that at home. 
I was unsure how far I wanted to ride today after 2 long days. I knew the next official campground would mean a 60+ mile day, but the other best option was too short. In the end my legs felt great and I had no trouble making the distance. 
The bicycle only campground at Kosciusko is a community thing, not NPS, and it is very nice. Always nice when local communities go out of their way to make things nice for cyclists. 
Tomorrow should be a shorter day and maybe a few clouds. The days are getting up in the low 80s now.