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Sargents - Marshall Pass - Ohaver Lake

Rock Hopper
Andy, Paul, Sharon

Sunday. Dirt road at 4% railroad grade. Loose and rocky at times. Pass is 10,842'

We turned right at Sargents and headed up a dirt road at a 4% railroad grade. Started out great but we then got into some loose and rocky stuff. It had just been graded.

It was threatening rain at the top. There were a bunch of mountain bikers doing a fund raiser ride. We ducked under the outhouse shelter for a few minutes but then headed on down.

The campground was at Ohaver lake at 9,200'. It rained several times that evening and I had to take shelter in my tent. Fortunately it didn't leak and everything stayed dry.

Marshall Pass
Each new pass marks a new elevation high for me.

Ohaver Lake
Probably our most scenic campsite.

Sharon and I were both into campfires, Andy not so much. I gathered a bunch of dry pine from up above the lake.