Title Date Miles Bike Buddies Notes
Elkins - Airlie 50 Grando

Solo ride. Club rides are canceled due to Corona virus. Nice day

Kieger Island 24 Grando Dave, Dave, John, Matt, Rafael, Susan

Gorgeous day for a ride during the pandemic. Coffee shops are closed so we had a picnic in the park, while trying to maintain our distance. 

Around town 20 Grando

First down Garden to my secret spot by the river to enjoy my "social distancing" lunch. Yes we are here in th Corona Virus pandemic right now. Hopefully there are still people around to read this in the future.

Beautiful late winter day. Mid fifties, but very windy.

Sauerkraut Road 26 Ravn Lori, Sarah, Tracy, Tracy

Started in Adair. Tampico - Wiles - Rifle Range - DeArmond - Airlie - Helmick - Simpson - Sauerkraut - Airlie - Berry Creek - Tampico. Another nice day. 

Philomath 20 Grando Geezers

Gorgeous sunny day. Cold to start but warmed up right away. 

Valsetz 38 Ravn John L, Lori, Nelson, Teddi, Tracy

Cold early start on first day of daylight time. Got sunny but not very warm. Some mud but not too bad. Wore me out. 

Dimple Hill - Dan’s Trail 15 Ravn

Another nice day. The single track was fun, and in good shape except for one muddy section. 

Around town 30 Soma Saga Geezers

Nice spring like weather. The geezers are not the Not Over The Hill gang. 

Shedd 38 Grando MVBC

Another great Tenners ride. Made it to Shedd before the deluge. Waited it out at the market, and then made it home before the next storm hit. 


Falls City 24 Ravn Teddi, Tracy A.

Afternoon ride just as the weather was moving in. We parked at Sauerkraut road on Simpson and rode from there.

Around the neighborhood 5 Cilantro January

Got January out for a short ride on a sunny day.

Town 24 Soma Saga Geezers

Another string of sunny days. 

Short ride with January after. 

Independence 54 Grando MVBC

Spectacular day for February. Burns Vista ferry to Ankeny wildlife refuge. Independence and back on Stapleton and Helmick. 

Out and about 22 Soma Saga

A streak of sunny days in February Wow! 

Philomath - Airport Road 32 Grando

Sunny day. I waited for it to warm up and it did. Nice views of the mountains.

North Hills 20 Ravn

Crescent Valley- Mountain View - Overlook - Hood View. Back on 20. 

Town 22 Soma Saga Geezers

Geezers ride plus. Vastly outnumbered by trikes. 

Albany 40 Grando MVBC

Nice Tenners ride. Out Tangent to Seven Mile and into town on Periwinkle Trail. Some rain, some wind, some sun. 

Oak Creek 24 Ravn

First ride of the month. Just haven’t been motivated. 

Decker Road 40 Ravn MVBC

Out to Decker then back Peterson. I split from the group and took Ervin back over to Decker. Back 34 to Philomath where I stopped at Timber Towne Coffee.